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INTRODUCTION: Micro Thunder is a computer consulting company that believes in building strong relationships. The business is built on the foundation of providing exceptional, personalized service. We will provide you with expert help in all areas related to computers, networking and the Internet based on the needs of your business. Our goal is to assist you with technological tools to help you grow your company.

RATES: The standard rate for all services is $150 per hour, billed in quarter hour increments. All work done on your behalf is subject to this rate. This includes general consulting, installation & setup of hardware & software, programming, documentation, training, research work, telephone and email support.

The overtime rate is $225 per hour, also billed in quarter hour increments. This includes work done before 9:00am and after 5:00pm, or all day on weekends and holidays. Any overtime hours work will be discussed with you prior to the work being performed, so that you are aware of the extra costs.

Onsite work is subject to a 3 hour minimum, which may be waived at the consultant’s discretion.

Paging a consultant is subject to a quarter hour charge, which may be waived at the consultant’s discretion. Paging is answered with high priority, and may be interrupting work being done for another client.

TRAVEL: In general, there is no charge for travel to clients within the greater Chicago area. Travel time may be split for clients outside this area. This will be discussed in advance. Special arrangements are agreed to for work performed out of state.

EMERGENCY VISITS: Emergency visits are defined as situations that affect the ability of your company to do business, i.e. Internet Access lost, Server down, Key System Crash, etc. We will respond to emergency situations at our normal rate, making appropriate modifications to our schedule and the schedules of other customers in order to insure that your needs are taken care of.

Non-emergency situations that you feel require immediate attention will be given priority, (unless we are at an Emergency Visit), and will be charged at our After Hours rate.

EQUIPMENT: We can provide servers, systems, printers, networking and internet equipment. Our pricing is competitive with that of other business class equipment. If you wish, you can acquire computer hardware from vendors of your choice, and we will install and maintain that equipment at our normal hourly rates. We would like to be involved with helping you select equipment to insure that it meets the needs of your business. Our goal is to make sure that you have good equipment that will do the job for you, regardless of who provides it.

All computer systems provided by Micro Thunder have a one year carry-in parts and labor warranty. Some parts may have longer manufacturer warranties, which we honor. After one year, we will repair your computer at our standard hourly rates, subject to replacement part availability from the manufacturer.

Micro Thunder can create custom software and documentation specifically developed for your business. All work related to custom work (writing specifications, programming, fixing bugs, documentation) falls under our standard rate, unless a special project rate is agreed to in advance. Any work contracted and paid for by you is yours to modify, distribute, or sell. In the case of programming, all source code will be provided to you. We retain full rights to reuse code or documentation developed or modified on your behalf.

TERMS: 2% 10, net 30. Dated from the invoice issue date. A deposit may be required for purchases and/or service in excess of $5000.00. Micro Thunder retains a security interest in the products sold until the invoice is paid in full.

Returned checks will be subject to a $50 service fee and a request for funds to be paid by certified check or money order. Late payments will be subject to a 2% service charge on the outstanding balance.

In effect since: January, 2005